2nd & Mine
recycles joy

Every once-loved item has a unique story – and 2nd & Mine allows you to write its new chapter.

From second-hand stores, estate sales, and treasure troves from around Los Angeles, we take newly found items and bring them back to life.

Why buy once-loved pieces? It’s economical. It’s good for the environment. And they’re great conversation starters!

And for extra fun, we also carry NWT (New With Tags) items!

Take a peek around – you never know what you might find at 2nd & Mine.


It is our desire at 2ND & MINE to rescue and recycle as many once-loved items as possible so that you can keep their stories alive.


Community is everything at 2ND & MINE! We welcome and encourage you to share your experience with us and get to know other once-loved item adopters on any of our social media outlets.


There is nothing better than giving back to the community. Each quarter 2ND & MINE gives a portion of every sale to a different non-profit. This quarter’s non-profit is The Trevor Project. The Trevor Project is the world’s largest suicide prevention and mental health organization for LGBTQ young people.

Hi there,

My name is Tam. 2ND & MINE was born on November 14, 2022, my 52nd birthday – A longtime dream come true.

2M, as I call it, curates high-quality second-hand clothing and bags from around the Los Angeles area and makes it affordable for the everyday person. Each piece is run through a rigorous quality inspection because everyone deserves the best this world can offer.