Don’t Sleep On Thrifted Bags!

We often talk about the hunt being worth it – staying the course until you snatch up that perfect piece you’ve been dying to have. It really is exhilarating!

But bags? They are on a whole other level! Crossbody bags, wallets, and backpacks can be the most difficult items to find in like-new condition. But when we do – everyone in our circle hears about it.

Sometimes it’s pure luck. But mostly, it’s sheer determination. Here’s the thing – Many people who donate accessories, like bags specifically, don’t always know exactly what they’re giving up. We now assume when we stumble upon a bag with its original tags still attached, the donator got it as a gift, didn’t want it, and was unaware of its quality and popularity.

SCORE for us. And YOU! A glance at our bags, and you will see exactly what we mean.

Now that’s quite the find!

So here’s our number one tip for you when thrifting a bag, and it’s super duper easy – Look for its original tag first. Once you find that, research and decide if it’s valuable enough to buy.

If you don’t see a tag but the bag looks new, this is when you inspect it:

-Check the bottom for wear.
-Check the edges and corners for wear and discoloration.
-Look for tears in the straps.
-Always look at the hardware for fading or scratches.
-Test out every zipper.
-Often, the part of the bag that lays against the body will become gray or blue (from friction with clothing). If the interior fabric can be pulled out inspect it for pen and makeup stains.

These are a few tips that may help you find your perfect bag! It can be a lot of work and invested time – but like we always say, the hunt is worth it. Of course, if you’d rather let someone else do it, we are happy to step in 😉

With Style & Smiles,

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