How To Find The Value Of Your Clothing

So there’s a shirt in your closet that you love but you don’t wear anymore. You don’t want to donate it because it has value to you – perhaps you spent $90 on it, and it’s still in like-new shape, and you’re thinking, “I can sell this. But for how much?”

The answer is literally at your fingertips. We use the Google App for most of our pieces to find what they originally sold for and what the competition sells it for. We typically price our items the same or less, mostly less, to keep everything in our store under $50. It’s a 2M Perk!

We will walk you through, step-by-step, how to use your Google app to find the value of your clothes. Below are five screen captures of my finding the value of an Ann Taylor Tweed Jacket using Google Image Search.

IMAGE 1: Open your Google App. This is the image you will see. Tap the camera icon in the search bar. This will take you to the next step.

IMAGE 2: Your camera is now open and ready to take a photo of your item.

IMAGE 3: Get your item into focus and tap the white search icon circle at the bottom. This will take the photo and take you to the next step.

IMAGE 4: Your photo has been taken, and a series of related images will appear below it. I scrolled up on this image and got to image 5.

IMAGE 5: This is where you will find the value of your piece and the links to where they are being sold by resellers. There is invaluable information to be found here.

If I were to resell this jacket, I’d price it at $39 or $40.

You can use Google search for anything. Curious about a plant you saw on a walk? Google search it! The possibilities are endless, and we can learn so much!

Go experiment and try it out with something in your closet. Who knows – You might have a little side gig in there.

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