Iconic Trends That Are Making A Comeback

For the sake of time, we will highlight just four trends that we’re excited about. Well, mostly. Here we go!

Corduroy. When I was a little girl, corduroy was everything and everywhere, and I rocked it so hard. There’s a nostalgic feel about it, and certainly a vintage one. Corduroy jackets are really hot right now, so if you like the idea and want to give it a shot, it’s an easy way to ease into it. And a jacket is an acceptable piece to remove in public if you’re not feeling it.

Chokers. Hello, 90’s; Brenda Walsh called! IYKYK Here’s the thing about chokers – they can be anything and any style you want them to be. Feeling fancy? A delicate chain with a small charm would be lovely. Feeling funky? A plain brown or black leather choker will do.

Cargo Pants. Not everyone is thrilled about this comeback, and that’s the great thing about personal style – you can pass on any trend you want. However, the new cargo pants have improved. They are slimmer and less bulky.

Jelly Sandals. I literally sat here, staring at the blinking cursor for several minutes, reminiscing my childhood jelly sandal days. It’s the only time in my life I ever had foot odor. And the dirt build-up was entirely unavoidable – especially in the heat when your feet would sweat. But hey, someone in the castle at Fashion World HQ has decided we needed this in our lives again. Who knows, maybe they’ve improved these, too. If you give’em a shot, let us know what you think!

As always, we encourage you to embrace styles and fashion that make you feel like a million bucks. It doesn’t have to be what’s popular today. It only needs to be what makes you smile.

With Style & Smiles,

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