Let’s Talk Trends

I only have one important thing to say about trends…

Please don’t get hung up on them. 

Trends come, and trends go. And everything comes back into style, eventually. How often have you said, “I wished I never got rid of those boots!”? I’ve grieved a pair of jeans for two decades now.

While I like watching Boho Fashion Trends, I generally don’t make major purchases based on my findings. But I always get inspired! And that is why I share current trends with you – hoping you might also get inspired!

What we strive for most here at 2M is Affordable Fashion Trends. I’ve said from 2M’s inception that everyone deserves nice clothes that they can afford because everyone deserves nice things. And whether or not it’s trendy, boho, casual, or vintage – if you love it, that’s your trendy style!

Be your own Trend-Setter!

With Style & Smiles,


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