Make Way For Change

I shared some thoughts this week about pairing down our closets. I’ve recently done so, and although I was left with far fewer pieces of clothing, I seem to have many more outfit choices. Perhaps it’s because the clutter and distraction of unused and unliked clothing are gone, and nothing impedes the things that work for me.

The stat that the average person wears only 20% of their closet suddenly rang true. And it makes sense. How many pieces in your closet do you think are impulse buys? My guess is a good amount. How many pieces of clothing aren’t the right size for you? Look, there is no shame in outgrowing or undergrowing our clothes. Our bodies, our lives, and our circumstances change. It’s okay to eliminate pieces and replace them with items that make you feel like a hundred bucks!

Downsizing our closets saves us time and frustration. It makes it easier to see everything you have, and you get more creative at putting outfits together. I do the same when our kitchen cupboards are bare – we have the best and tastiest dinners then!

We need far less than we think we do. I get it, tho! We want it all – I sure do! And that’s alright. So, the next time I want to buy more clothes, I’ll switch out an existing piece that no longer serves my style or season.

Our bodies and minds change – Our closets should change with us.

With Style & Smiles,

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