No thanks. I don’t thrift.

The two most common ways to thrift are in-store and online.

If you’re a seasoned in-store thrifter, you know it can take a lot of time to find the perfect item. It can be a lot of work, for instance, learning the best days for new products, utilizing discount days/colored tags days, and knowing where the best thrifting stores are — Oh, and the crowds – OMG. 

So, if that isn’t your jam, online thrift shopping might better suit you. 

But not all online stores that carry Pre-loved fashion are alike—several things set 2M apart from others. 

  • Our high-standard checklist. Every inch of the item is checked for wear and discoloration, to name a few. If it doesn’t look new, we won’t carry it.
  • Pockets. 2M has an actual Pocket Promise. You’ll get pockets if it’s a dress, skirt, cardigan, jacket, or pants!
  • Every piece of clothing is dry-cleaned before it ships. This is a massive perk of 2M and one of the things our customers appreciate the most.

2ND & MINE hasn’t reinvented the thrifting wheel – but we have improved it, especially for those who do not enjoy thrift stores but love saving money and making more eco-friendly choices. And we are happy to fill this need. 

With Style & Smiles,


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