Summer Tip: It’s All About Winter Coats

I know, I know. It’s eleventy-million and two degrees outside, Tam. Why are you talking about winter coats?!

I get it – just looking at a jacket right now is cringe. BUT… if you want the best deal on a winter coat – this is the perfect time to shop for one.

I was in a Goodwill last week and was amazed at how many coats were in the store. And I’m talking high-quality ones in spectacular condition.

Many people don’t wear their winter coats as often as they think they might. So, instead of taking up valuable closet space, they donate them. Sometimes, they’re unworn and are donated brand new with tags. This is great for you! Instead of paying $100 plus for your next winter coat, you can get one for $25! And if you have a large family – those savings add up super fast.

I’ve had great luck with thrifted sweaters and coats. We have a good variety on our site right now!

We understand that thrifting can be very daunting. And the thought of shopping for a coat in the middle of summer seems downright bonkers. But it’ll pay off – trust us! To help make it easier, below are a few tips that may help…

As always, we encourage you to inspect every garment thoroughly. Especially jackets. They often have layers or filling that can break down – so feel around for signs of that.

Loose buttons? That’s an easy fix with a needle and thread.

Check for wear around the wrists. That area of fabric tends to get a lot of wear and can become, well, pretty grungey. It’s not always beyond repair, but sometimes it’s best to keep looking.

Always dry clean your jackets before wearing them. We recommend using our favorite at-home dry cleaning product, Dryel. It’ll become your new best friend. *All of our pieces are cleaned before we ship them to you!

And for our last tip: CHECK THE POCKETS!! You might find a Benjamin or two! 😉

We hope this inspires you to check out thrifted jackets. If you find one, let us know on any of our socials – We would love to see your success!!

With Style & Smiles,

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