The Hunt Is Always Worth It & Often Surprising

There are countless online Fashion Resellers – And so many of them are fabulous. You can be certain that you will find unique clothing every time. You know the saying “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” I’ve heard of someone who thrifted an item their friend had recently donated. I guess some treasures want to stay close to home – And opposites really do attract!

We here at 2M continue to offer you the highest and best quality pieces – But sometimes… Friends, sometimes we even blow ourselves away!

For instance, as of this date, we currently have an Everlane Shirt Dress – NWOT that retails for $118 and we’re selling it for only $49. That’s nearly a 60% savings. This is what makes the hunt so worth it, fun, and lucrative! You get a new dress for WAY less than a NEW price.

Not exactly junk, my friends.

Here’s a tip for you: When you shop online for Pre-loved fashion, remember to check if the store also carries NWT & NWOT items (New With Tags & New Without Tags). Not all do, but it’s worth investigating. This is one of the things that sets 2ND & MINE apart from so many others. We carry quality pre-loved, NWT, and NWOT – And every piece looks brand new. Plus with our Nothing Over $50 Price Promise – You’re always a winner.

We believe everyone deserves quality, the best fashion, and great deals – So here are some of our favorite online thrift stores that carry NWT & NWOT fashion:

Etsy – Especially Etsy. You will find a lot of small business owners there, like me here at 2M, who always appreciate your support.

We hope this little tidbit of information helps you on your thrifting journey and that it pays off!

With Style & Smiles,

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