What Is Fast Fashion?

Clothing that is inexpensive and rapidly mass-produced and marketed is fast fashion. Think Forever 21, H&M, Old Navy, and Zara, to name a few. Zara isn’t exactly “inexpensive,” so people are often surprised to learn they are as “fast fashion” as the others.

Because fast fashion is made so, well, fast, it is generally less sustainable and lower quality. This is why you will see many of these brands in thrift stores if you’re a thrifter. They don’t last as long, tend to unravel at the seams (there’s a life lesson there, I suppose), and don’t hold their value.

As resellers, one of our biggest challenges is sifting through rack after rack of clothing only to find low-quality, fast-fashion pieces. It can be quite a laborious process because we have exceptionally high standards for what we carry here at 2M.

Do we carry Forever 21, H&M, Zara, and the like? No. Would we personally buy a thrifted fast fashion piece? Yes.

And here’s why…

A thrifted fast-fashion piece is one less new piece purchased from the retailer. Even though we know it won’t last as long, it’s worth getting it and wearing it to its last day. And the more we buy these items used, the less these fast-fashion retailers get our money.

We all have these pieces in our wardrobes—it’s nearly impossible to avoid. But our dollars hold much power and send big messages to these fast-fashion retailers. Thrifting and buying pre-loved speaks volumes to what we want to see as consumers—better quality and the end of exploiting workers.

Buying used, pre-loved is no small thing – it’s a big step in curating the future we want and deserve to see.

With Style & Smiles.

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