You Are Not A Size

Why is American sizing, specifically women’s, so off the charts? In a week, I will wear four pants that are entirely different sizes. It’s just the way it is, right? And it stinks. Ask anyone who shops in the women’s section how much sizing varies. I have sizes 6 through 14 in my closet that I will wear days within each other. You are not a size.

But listen, you are not a number. You are a beautiful soul with a beautiful body. PERIOD. 🛑

We have to stop looking at sizes. They do not represent, nor do they dictate, who we are. They are all over the map and have caused irreparable damage to many. A women’s clothing size chart is useless, especially if you’re trying to get your general size to shop at multiple stores. You are not a size.

So what do we recommend? 

  • Go to your closet and cut out all your size tags—every one of them. You own your clothes – they don’t own you.
  • Toss aside size guides for women’s clothing and celebrate when you find that piece that fits you perfectly – Wear. What. Fits. 

We believe these simple tips can encourage and empower you to feel confident in your clothes and skin. 

With Style & Smiles,


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